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R Consortium Simplifies Membership Structure to Increase Opportunities for Silver Level Members

By January 29, 2020Announcement

Two membership levels now available: Platinum and Silver

SAN FRANCISCO, January 29, 2020 – The R Consortium, a Linux Foundation project supporting the R Foundation and R community, today announced a shift in its membership structure, allowing increased opportunities for Silver Level members. The new approach simplifies the membership structure to streamline the R Consortium organization, recruit more members, and attract expertise to technical committees and working groups. It is aimed at organizations that are interested in participating in R Consortium governance and helping steer direction of R language infrastructure development and events participation around the globe.

“We hope that simplifying the R Consortium membership structure will enable even more companies that benefit from the R language to join the R Community and help expand R’s unique contributions to statistical computing and open source data science,” said Joseph Rickert, R Community Ambassador, R Studio, and R Consortium Board Chair.

Full membership details, including benefits and pricing, are available here:

“The R Consortium is strengthening the R community by improving infrastructure and building for long term stability. The more voices involved, the broader the support becomes. We wanted to explicitly reach out to companies and organizations that want to become members and care about the future of R. With this simplified structure, it is easier than ever to join our technical committees and working groups,” said Hadley Wickham, Infrastructure Steering Committee Chair, R Consortium. “The R community continues to grow and expand, and the R Consortium is making sure we accommodate that. We are already pleased with the increase in new membership inquiries. 2020 will be an exciting year for R development.”

How R Consortium membership helps support the R Community:

  • Supports operations of critical infrastructure that sustains the R ecosystem, anticipating challenges and planning contingencies 
  • Funds open-source community-driven projects that widely impact the R Community
  • Provides opportunities to form working relationships that transcend company affiliations
  • Enables better identification and recruitment of data scientists working in R
  • Builds freely available infrastructure, leveraged by citizen science, expanding participation

About The R Consortium

The R Consortium is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization and Linux Foundation project dedicated to the support and growth of the R user community. The R Consortium provides support to the R Foundation and to the greater R Community for projects that assist R package developers, provide documentation and training, facilitate the growth of the R Community and promote the use of the R language. For more information about R Consortium, please visit:

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