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The R Adoption Series

This is a new series of webinars focused on the adoption of R.  Each session will include a case study and often include panels or discussions to enable those starting their journey to ask questions.

R Consortium will keep this page updated with information on future webinars in the R Adoption series. If there is some information that you are looking for specifically and you don’t see it here, feel free to email us at

Upcoming Webinar – R/Database: Using R at Scale on Database Data

Using R at Scale on Database Data


December 08, 2022

Abstract: Many users, organizations, and enterprises rely on R as a powerful language and environment for statistical analysis, data science, and machine learning. Many of these same users work with data in – or extracted from – Oracle databases. As data volumes increase, moving data complicates the life of data professionals, like data engineers and data scientists, as well as solution developers and administrators. In this session, you’ll learn how to increase overall solution performance with R tightly integrated with Oracle databases. Oracle Machine Learning for R (OML4R) leverages the database as a high-performance computing environment, enabling users to explore, transform, and analyze data faster and at scale, while allowing the use of familiar R syntax and semantics. In-database parallelized machine learning algorithms are exposed through a natural R interface, including the use of R Formula. R users can run user-defined R functions in database-environment spawned and managed R engines using R, SQL, and REST interfaces – even taking advantage of system-enabled data parallelism. User-defined R functions and other R objects can be stored directly in the database to facilitate ease of solution deployment while benefiting from database security – avoiding the use of flat files. Join us for this engaging session highlighting multiple use cases with demonstrations. 


Mark Hornick, Senior Director, Oracle Machine Learning

Mark Hornick is the Senior Director of Product Management for the Oracle Machine Learning family of products. Mark has over 20 years of experience integrating and leveraging machine learning with Oracle technologies, working with internal and external customers in the application of Oracle’s machine learning technologies for scalable and deployable data science projects. Mark is Oracle’s representative on the R Consortium’s Board of Directors and an Oracle advisor for the Analytics and Data Oracle User Community. 

Sherry LaMonica, Consulting MTS, Oracle Machine Learning

Archived Webinars – Full Recordings Available

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Claudio T. Rebelo, Model Validation Actuary for Group Risk Management at Swiss Re • Georgios Bakoloukas, Head Model Development & Analytics, Risk Management at Swiss Re • Daniela E. Damm, Divisional Operational Officer for Group Risk Management at Swiss Re

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Christina Fillmore, Data Scientists and R developer at GSK • Yujie Zhao is a Senior Scientist (Biostatistics) at Merck & Co., Inc. • Keaven Anderson, Scientific Assistant VP of Methodology Research in the Biostatistics and Clinical Research Decision Sciences group at Merck

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Hye Soo Cho, Statistical Analyst, FDA/CDER • Tae Hyun (Ryan) Jung, Ph.D., Senior Statistical Reviewer in FDA/CDER/OTS/OB/DBVI • Paul Schuette, Scientific Computing Coordinator, FDA • Ning Leng, Director, Product Development Data Sciences, Roche • Coline Zeballos, R Strategy Lead, Roche

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Michael Rimler, Head of Technical Excellence and Innovation at GlaxoSmithKline • Mike Stackhouse, Chief Innovation Officer at Atorus

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Gabriel Becker, Statistical Computing Consultant

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Kieran Martin, R Enablement Lead: PD Data Sciences at Roche Tadeusz Lewandowski, Pan-Pharma collaboration product lead at Roche Adrian Waddell, Chief Engineer NEST Project

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Paulo R. Bargo, Ph.D., Head of R&D Data and Advanced Analytics, Ethicon Dan Hofstaedter is a statistical programmer within the Janssen Clinical & Statistical Programming group Gayathri Kolandaivelu has over 13 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry


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Andy Nicholls, Head of Data Science within GSK Biostatistics