Joining the R Consortium is easy.

1. Review the Membership Documents.

2. Submit a Signed Membership Agreement to

3. Remit the annual dues payment that is applicable for your membership level.

4. Begin participating in Events, Discussions, Projects and working Groups.

If you are interested in joining the R Consortium or have questions about the Consortium’s mission, please write us at


Member Benefits Platinum Gold Silver
One seat on the Infrastructure Steering Committee; nominate and run for election as the chair X
One seat on the Board of Directors; nominate and run for election as an officer X
Full Participation and voting rights in business and funding decisions that directly benefit the worldwide community of R users. X
Nominate and run for election as a representative to the Infrastructure Steering Committee, providing guidance on which projects should be prioritized and funded. X X
Increased representation on the Board of Directors. X X
Demonstrate support with your logo on the R Consotrium website and collateral. X X X
Display an R Consortium logo your website. X X X
Nominate and run for election as a representative to the Board of Directors, participating in funding allocations. X X X
Make an investment, amplified by other participants that directly benefits you by improving the R user ecosystem. X X X