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R/Medicine Conference 2022!

Announcing R/Medicine 2022! The conference will be fully virtual from August 23 through 26 and feature two days of workshops (included with the low registration fee!) and two days of keynotes featuring JJ Allaire and Frank Harrell.

Past Events

Rstudio::conf 2022 – July 25-28, Washington DC

A conference to connect, learn and celebrate all things R and RStudio! Sharpen your skills and celebrate the R Community together with an array of workshops and an inspiring lineup of speakers.

userR! 2022  – June 20 – 23, 2022 • Virtual

Now in its 18th year is the official conference of the R Project for Statistical Computing. Keynotes include Sebastian Meyer, Amanda Cox, Julia Silge, Mine Dogucu and will showcase the afrimapr project supports the development of a community of practice in Africa around map-making in R

R Conference – June 8-10, New York

A conference that gathers data scientists and data professionals to explore, share, and inspire ideas, and to promote the growth of open source ideals

IDEA, The R Consortium working group on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility – June 4 

Will be holding francophone satRdays event. More information should be available on the R Consortium Blog shortly

R/ Finance – June 3-4, Chicago

One of the longest-running R conferences is the primary meeting for academics and Quants using R for finance. This single-track event is the place to talk time series, stochastic modeling, and meet some legendary R developers.

R Adoption Series: Reporting Table Creation In R: Meeting Specific Needs With a General Framework – Apr 28, 8-9:30am PDT / 11am-12:30pm EDT / 4-5:30pm BST

Gabriel Becker, Scientist in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology department at Genentech Research.

Gabe will present the rtables package in three contexts. First, he will briefly present the package itself and how it can be used to create reporting tables, including those suitable for regulatory submissions. He will then discuss where rtables fits in the larger process of filing-table creation within Roche. Finally, he will pivot to discussing what contributed to rtables’ success as a general framework intended to meet specific needs and what lessons those in Industry can draw from its development. 

Register here or see the webinar home page for details.

We need you!

In this section, we highlight a few opportunities for getting more involved with the R Consortium. 

Help promote the R Consortium message around the globe

Participate in an R Consortium working group
 R in Business

  • (, where the working group’s goal is to promote and support the R programming environment and the R ecosystem in business practices and business research
  • Development of a community-based collaboration platform
  • Organization and sponsorship of events
  • Research on relevant topics in the intersection of business/accounting and technology
  • Development of openly available courses/tutorials
  • Development and maintenance of R packages