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One More Step Forward: The R Consortium Submission Working Group’s Presentation to Swissmedic on Regulatory Submission using R and Shiny

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This post was authored by Gregory Chen, Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences (BARDS), MSD, Switzerland, and Ning Leng, Product Development Data Sciences (PDD), F. Hoffmann-La Roche, USA

On January 30, 2024, the R Consortium Submission Working Group made a presentation to Swissmedic in Bern, Switzerland, with 10 attendees in person and 50 online. It started with a motivation as to why to consider using open source and specifically R for regulatory submissions. The group then proceeded to show cases of the pilot 1 and 2 submission to FDA. 

The conclusion was an insightful discussion for about 20 minutes with the participants on the lessons learned, key factors to sort in line for broader adoption of R and Shiny for regulatory submissions, and what would be most added value for a regulatory shiny app, namely

  1. How to deploy the submitted R package and Shiny App to guarantee the clinical outcomes can be smoothly reproduced on the regulatory side
  2. What would be the ultimate purpose of a regulatory shiny app, and what are value-added features? Should the app only focus on offering interactivities to facilitate the review of tables, figures, and listings in CSR, or should it also include designed features to enable exploratory, descriptive analysis (e.g., for subgroups) to certain degrees, which may greatly shorten back-and-forth inquiry between regulator and drug developer?
  3. Validation and version traceability of dependent open source R packages used in the submission package
  4. How to leverage existing and emerging cross-industrial initiatives (e.g. R consortium) in the open source space to support and ease the potential technical issue during the adoption of R for submission

Accompanying this post, the full presentation slide deck is made publicly available here, inviting further exploration and discussion.

The R Consortium’s presentation at Swissmedic represents a hopeful step toward more interactive, efficient, and transparent regulatory submissions. As the conversation between the R Consortium and regulatory bodies continues, our future collection of pilot projects hopefully will offer richer examples and templates to our growing R community within the pharmaceutical sector, spanning both regulatory and drug developer sides.

To find out more about the R Consortium Submission Working Group, please see: 

Tackling Hurdles: Embracing Open Source Packages in Pharmaceutical Research

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The R Validation Hub next meeting is May 21st, 12:00 PM EST. 

Join the call here! 

In the dynamic field of pharmaceutical research, open source R packages offer incredible potential to innovate and enhance efficiency. The R Validation Hub is guiding the community building riskmetric and the riskassessment app. riskmetric is a framework to quantify an R package’s “risk of use” by assessing a number of meaningful metrics designed to evaluate package development best practices, code documentation, community engagement, and development sustainability. Together, the riskassessment app and the riskmetric package aim to provide some context for validation within regulated industries. 

The benefits of utilizing open source tools in pharmaceutical projects are compelling. To address these issues and maximize their potential, join us at the R Validation Hub community meeting on May 21st at 12:00 PM EST. This gathering will focus on sharing best practices, troubleshooting common problems, and exploring innovative solutions together.

Embrace the opportunity to transform pharmaceutical research with us. Let’s innovate, collaborate, and overcome these hurdles together.

Join the call here!

Decade of Data: Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation at the New York R Conference

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Come celebrate 10 YEARS of the New York R Conference! This year’s conference takes place May 16th & 17th with workshops May 15th. We are taking a trip down memory lane and looking back over the past nine years. Come listen to some of the all-time greats who will be gracing our stage once again, and we’re also adding some fresh and exciting new voices to the mix!

This year’s conference features an a-list lineup of speakers who will be sharing their expertise on a wide range of topics, including data visualization, machine learning, programming, AI and more.

Speakers include:

And more will be announced soon!

There are also interactive workshops available to sharpen your skills and learn new techniques.

Workshops include:

Use promo code RSTATS20 for 20% off conference & workshop tickets (in-person & virtual). To secure your spot and learn more about the speaker lineup and workshops, visit

Also, follow @rstatsai on Twitter to stay up to date with all conference details. 

Be a part of this extraordinary opportunity to acquire new skills, foster growth, and connect with the data science community.

EARL Early Bird Tickets Are Now Available!

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Contributed by Abbie Brookes, Senior Data Analyst at Datacove

Datacove is pleased to announce the availability of tickets for the upcoming EARL (Enterprise Applications of the R Language) conference. 

The EARL conference is a cross-sector event that will be held at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. This venue promises to provide attendees with a blend of Victorian elegance and modern conference facilities over three days, from the 3rd to the 5th of September 2024. The conference schedule includes high-quality workshops on the first day (3rd September) and two days of presentations and talks (4th – 5th September). An evening networking event is planned for the 4th of September at the British Airways i360 venue, offering attendees the opportunity to connect with peers and speakers in a relaxed setting.

We are offering tickets at a reduced early bird rate. Additionally, we provide discounts for government employees, NHS staff, charity workers, academics, and those making bulk purchases. For more detailed information on ticket pricing and discounts, contact Abbie Brookes at

The EARL conference draws attendees from across the globe and from a variety of sectors. Previous participants have included notable organizations such as The Dogs Trust, BBC, Microsoft, Swiss RE, Posit, Sainsburys, and Bupa.  

This year’s keynote speakers include:

Professor Andy Field, known for his contributions to statistics education
Christel Swift, a senior data scientist at the BBC
Hadley Wickham, a key figure in the R community and author of the Tidyverse

In addition to the main conference, a selection of pre-conference workshops will be available, offering in-depth training opportunities. For more information on the conference venue, schedule, and registration, please visit our website. We invite you to join us for what promises to be an informative and engaging event for the R and Python communities

R/Medicine Coming June 10-14, 2024 – Call for Abstracts Open – Keynotes Announced

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The R/Medicine conference provides a forum for sharing R based tools and approaches used to analyze and gain insights from health data. Conference workshops provide a way to learn and develop your R skills. Midweek demos allow you to try out new R packages and tools, and our hackathon provides an opportunity to learn how to develop new R tools. The conference talks share new packages, and successes in analyzing health, laboratory, and clinical data with R and Shiny with a vigorous ongoing discussion with speakers (with pre-recorded talks) in the chat.

Register now!

Stephanie Hicks

Statistical Challenges in Single-Cell and Spatial Transcriptomics

Thursday, June 13


Stephanie Hicks, PhD, MA and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University, is an applied statistician working at the intersection of genomics and biomedical data science.

Gundula Bosch

Reproducibility in Medical Research

Friday, June 14


Gundula Bosch, PhD, MEd ’16, MS, is a scientist and educator leading global education reform through training programs in critical, broad, and interdisciplinary scientific thinking. She is the director of the R3 Center for Innovation and Science Education at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Keynote Addresses

Call for Abstracts

R/Medicine is seeking abstracts for:

  • Lightning talks (10 min, Thursday, June 13, or Friday, June 14) Can pre-record so that you can be live on chat to answer questions
  • Regular talks (20 min, Thursday, June 13, or Friday, June 14) Can pre-record so that you can be live on chat to answer questions
  • Demos (1 hour demo of an approach or a package, Wednesday, June 12) Done live, preferably interactive
  • Workshops (2-3 hours per topic, Monday, June 10, or Tuesday June 11, usually with a website and a repo, participants can choose to code along. Usual 5-10 min breaks each hour.
  • Posters for poster session on Wednesday, June 12. Can include live demos of an app or a package.

Confirmed Workshops (Monday, June 10, and Tues, June 11)

Note: Final dates and times TBD. More workshops being added. Check the R/Medicine website for updates.

  • Causal Inference with R – Lucy D’Agostino and Malcolm Barrett
  • Tidying your REDCap data with REDCap Tidier – Stephan Kadauke and Will Beasley
  • Next Generation Shiny apps with bslib – Garrick Aden-Buie

Register here!

The R/Medicine website is being updated as we receive the latest information. Please check in again soon!

Unlocking Financial Insights: Join Us at the R Finance Conference

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Are you ready to delve into the world of finance through the lens of R? Look no further than the R Finance Conference (May 18, 2024,  University of Illinois Chicago) – your gateway to cutting-edge insights, advanced methodologies, and unparalleled networking opportunities. As an enthusiast of data-driven finance or an R programming aficionado, this single-track, one-day event promises to be an enlightening experience. R Finance is the must-attend event in the realm of financial technology.

Registrations are now open! Register here. 

A Glimpse into History

Founded in 2009, the R Finance Conference quickly evolved into the premier event in the financial technology landscape. Originating from the shared enthusiasm of R users in the Chicago financial center, a group of loosely connected enthusiasts was seeking to improve financial analysis. From its humble beginnings to its current stature, it remains committed to fostering knowledge exchange and driving advancements in R-based finance.

Why Choose a Single-Track Event?

One distinctive feature of the R Finance Conference is its single-track format. Unlike multi-track conferences, where attendees must choose between concurrent sessions, a single-track event offers a shared group experience. Single track offers:

Focused Learning:

Attendees can fully immerse themselves in each session without the distraction of conflicting schedules. This focused approach enhances learning and ensures that participants extract maximum value from every presentation.

Enhanced Networking:

The single-track format encourages interaction among attendees as everyone gathers in the same sessions. This facilitates meaningful discussions, idea exchange, and networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Comprehensive Coverage:

By following a single track, attendees gain exposure to a diverse range of topics and perspectives within the realm of R-based finance. From quantitative modeling and algorithmic trading to risk management and data visualization, each session contributes to a holistic understanding of the subject matter.

Key Highlights of R Finance Conference

  • Expert Speakers: Renowned experts and thought leaders in finance and data science share their insights, best practices, and real-world experiences. In 2022, speakers included Matthew Dixon, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Math and Affiliate Professor, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Tech; Veronika Rockova, Professor of Econometrics and Statistics, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and James S. Kemper Foundation Faculty Scholar; and Thomas P. Harte, Head of Fixed Income & Liquidity Strats at Morgan StanleyInteractive Workshops: Hands-on workshops provide attendees with practical skills and techniques to implement R-based solutions in their professional endeavors.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with industry peers, establish valuable connections, and exchange ideas during networking breaks, social events, and interactive sessions.
  • Exhibition Showcase: Explore cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services offered by exhibitors and sponsors, offering valuable insights into the latest innovations in financial technology.

Join Us at R Finance 2024

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your finance skills and network with industry leaders at the R Finance Conference 2024. Reserve your spot today and embark on a transformative journey in R-based finance.

For more information and registration, visit R Finance Conference.

Register now!

Elevate Your R Community with the 2024 RUGS Grant Program

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The R Consortium is rolling out its 2024 R User Groups (RUGS) Grant Program, and it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. The program, which aims to foster vibrant R communities worldwide, is in full swing, and we are eagerly awaiting your application!

Apply here!

Why Apply and… For What?

User Group Grants: Boost engagement and initiate user-focused activities.

Conference Grants: Support for R-related events, either hosting or attending.

Special Projects Grants: Kickstart innovative projects with the potential to impact the R community.

With 74 active groups and a thriving community of over 67,000 members, the RUGS network is a hub of innovation and knowledge sharing. Your participation could be the next milestone in this growth journey.

Examples of some recent R Consortium sponsored RUGS activities:

Key Information

Application Deadline: September 30th, 2024. Don’t delay!

Eligibility: Open to initiatives aimed at community building, not software development (for that, see ISC Grant Program).

Be part of shaping the future of R. Visit here for more details and to apply. Your contribution matters to the global R narrative. Apply now, and let’s grow together!

For details and to apply, visit here.

Apply Now! R Consortium Infrastructure Steering Committee (ISC) Grant Program Open for Proposals!

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Help build R infrastructure! We’re opening the call for proposals for the 2024 Infrastructure Steering Committee (ISC) Grant Program. The R Consortium is dedicated to enriching the R Ecosystem, directly supporting projects that strengthen both its technical and social infrastructures.

Apply here!

What We Fund:

Our grants target projects that make a difference in the R community, focusing on:

Technical Infrastructure: Enhancements in key R packages, development tools like R-hub, and improvements for R on various operating systems.

Social Infrastructure: Projects like SatRDays that promote local engagement and initiatives for better tracking of R Consortium activities.

We’re eager to see your innovative ideas and how they can propel the R ecosystem forward. This is a call to action for all who wish to contribute to the growth and enhancement of R. Let’s build a stronger R community together!

Submit your proposal now and be a part of shaping the future of the R Ecosystem. Learn more about how to apply here.

We look forward to your submissions and furthering the R community’s advancement together!

Apply now!

The R Consortium 2023: A Year of Growth and Innovation

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Excerpted from the Annual Report

Access the annual report here!

Letter from the Chair — Mehar Pratap Singh, Chairman

Welcome to the 2023 Annual Report of the R Consortium. This document reflects a year of significant growth, innovation, and community engagement within and beyond the R ecosystem. As we present the accomplishments and milestones of the past year, we also set our sights forward, laying out the path for an even more collaborative and impactful future.  

The R Consortium serves as a central hub for the R community, bringing together industry leaders, academic institutions, and individual contributors to foster the development and proliferation of the R language. Our mission is to support the R community through funding, infrastructure improvement, community initiatives, and global outreach.  

In 2023, the R Consortium played a pivotal role in shaping the development of the R ecosystem. Through monetary grants, nearly $200,000 dollars to develop R packages and other technical infrastructure, through fostering industry wide collaborative working groups, and by supporting R-Ladies, R user groups, and several important industry conferences, including Latin-R, New York R, and Bioconductor conferences. This report highlights some of these achievements, showcasing the collective effort of our members and the broader community.  

Recognizing the dynamic nature of data science technologies and the evolving needs of industry, we also recognize the responsibility of the R Consortium to help set a vision for the evolution of the R ecosystem. As you read through this report, we hope you’ll appreciate the strides we’ve made together and feel inspired by the potential of what we can achieve in the future. The R Consortium is more than just an organization: it’s a vibrant community of innovators, problem-solvers, and thought leaders. Together, we are shaping a future where the power of R is accessible to all and continues to drive progress across industries worldwide.   

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the R Consortium and the wider R community. 

Access the annual report here!

Unlocking the Power of R for Insurance and Actuarial Science: Webinar Series Recap

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The R Consortium recently hosted a webinar series tailored specifically for insurance and actuarial science professionals. This series, called the R/Insurance webinar series, led by experts Georgios Bakoloukas and Benedikt Schamberger, was crafted to guide attendees from transitioning from Excel to R to implementing R in production environments, fostering a performance culture with R, and mastering high-performance programming techniques. 

Whether new to R or looking to deepen your expertise, these webinars offer valuable insights into leveraging R’s capabilities in your field. All sessions are now accessible on YouTube, providing a fantastic resource for ongoing learning and development. 

For further details and to watch the webinars, visit the R Consortium’s website.