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Submitting for payment

The R Consortium provides financial support to a broad range of initiatives, in support of the global R development and user community. When organizations become members of the R Consortium, their membership dues help provide this funding, and help ensure the overall health of the ecosystem.

The R Consortium provides funding through a structured process. The primary funding categories are:

  • ISC Grants, which are allocated by the Infrastructure Steering Committee through an application process, and support code and community development efforts.
  • RUGs Grants, which support local R User Groups.

All grant payments must be pre-approved. Please follow the formal process established by each working group to apply for funding.

Invoicing for your grant

Starting in October 2020, each grant recipient will receive a control number. Please ensure that you include this in all requests for payment. If you are unsure of your control number, please contact

When you are ready to submit for payment, please complete the payment request form. You will be asked to provide the following, so please have it ready:

  • The control number for your grant.
  • A W9 form (if you are in the US and have a SSN/EIN) or an international wire form.
  • The signed contract or a PDF of the email approving your grant.
  • A brief description of how the funding was used (e.g., project milestone, RUGs or R-Ladies meetup, etc).

If you have any questions, please contact