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Escape the Data Dungeon: Unlock Scalable R Analytics and ML


Tired of sluggish R data processing and limited Machine Learning (ML) options with large databases? Imagine swiftly predicting customer churn and deploying solutions with ease. Watch our in-depth Oracle Machine Learning for R (OML4R) webinar to learn more!

Key topics included:

  • Seamless In-Database Access: Jump straight into your data without the drag of extractions.
  • Scalable High-Performance Data Processing: Handle huge datasets effortlessly.
  • Integrated In-Database ML: Develop and deploy potent models right within your database.
  • Effortless Production Deployment: Streamline your R scripts from development to production.

Found out more about OML4R through practical examples in product bundling, demand forecasting, and customer churn prediction. Escape the data grind and transformed your R experience.


Mark Hornick, Senior Director, Oracle Machine Learning.

Mark Hornick is senior director of product management for Oracle Machine Learning. Mark has more than 20 years of experience integrating and leveraging machine learning with Oracle software as well as working with internal and external customers to apply Oracle’s machine learning technologies. He has been involved with R technology for the past 15 years.  Mark is Oracle’s representative to the R Consortium and is an Oracle Adviser of the Analytics and Data Oracle User Community. He has been issued seven US patents. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and a master’s degree from Brown University, both in computer science. Follow him on Twitter @MarkHornick and connect on LinkedIn.

Sherry LaMonica, Consulting MTS, Oracle Machine Learning.

Sherry is a member of the Oracle Machine Learning Product Management team. She has 20 years of software experience focused on enabling the commercial use of the open-source data analysis software systems with R and Python for data science and machine learning projects. She has worked with customers in fields as diverse as pharmaceutical research, financial analysis, manufacturing, and healthcare IT.

The R Adoption Series

This is a series of webinars focused on the adoption of R.  Each session will include a case study and often include panels or discussions to enable those starting their journey to ask questions.

R Consortium will keep this page updated with information on future webinars in the R Adoption series. If there is some information that you are looking for specifically and you don’t see it here, feel free to email us at