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Teal: An R-Shiny Framework to Unlock the Power of Interactive Data Exploration

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Teal is an open-source framework for building interactive data exploration applications in R. Developed at Roche, Teal allows users to quickly and easily create dynamic visualizations and tabulations of their data. It provides a range of pre-built, customizable modules and enables users to interact with their data in real time. This allows users to quickly and easily explore their data, thus enabling fast insights generation. Some of the key features of Teal include a filter panel for easy data filtering, the “Show R Code” functionality which allows users to reproduce the displays from the app in a new R session and the reporter functionality which allows users to build custom reports based on the visualizations created in the app and export them in various formats such as PDF. Overall, Teal is a powerful tool for data scientists, clinicians, and drug safety specialists looking to gain insights from their clinical trial data.


Chendi Liao, Roche Canada

Chendi Liao is a Principal Data Scientist in Product Development Data Sciences at Roche Canada. In addition to leading the analytical data science team supporting early-phase oncology programs, she has designed and led the development of multiple internal R/R-shiny packages, covering a wide range of objectives from standardizing the quality control process of high-dimensional biomarker data, to interactive analytical dashboards for indication-specific datamarts. She is currently the Product Owner of the Teal R package and its associated family of R package products.

Dony Unardi is a Data Scientist with more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the last five years, he has supported the adoption of R and implemented R solutions within his roles in Product Development Data Sciences at Roche/Genentech. He authored several internal R packages and Shiny apps, focusing on data curation and harmonization. Dony has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and is currently acting as Engineering Team Lead, leading the development effort of the teal R package. Teal is an open-source R Shiny framework that provides interactive and reproducible data analysis and visualization.


Joining for the Q&A Session

Vincent Shen, Roche

Pawel Rucki, Roche

Benjamin Arancibia, GSK

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