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Reporting Table Creation In R: Meeting Specific Needs With a General Framework

Reporting Table Creation In R

Description: Gabe will present the rtables package in three contexts. First, he will briefly present the package itself and how it can be used to create reporting tables, including those suitable for regulatory submissions. He will then discuss where rtables fit in the larger process of filing-table creation within Roche. Finally, he will pivot to discussing what contributed to rtables’ success as a general framework intended to meet specific needs and what lessons those in Industry can draw from its development. 

Main Sections

0:00 Introduction

4:55 Introduction to Meeting specific needs with a general framework

8:58 rtables – What are they

39:56 Abstraction and types of effort – Why

50:33 Research, innovation, and stakeholders’ needs

57:54 Next Steps

59:48 General Q&A


Gabriel Becker, Statistical Computing Consultant

Gabe is a statistical computing consultant and frequent collaborator with the R-core development team. He is the architect and primary developer of the rtables package for creating reporting tables in R. He also proposed and directly collaborated on the implementation of the ALTREP framework within the internals of the R language, which represents one of the largest changes to how R models R-level objects internally in recent memory. Beyond ALTREP, he has contributed numerous other new features to the R language. 

Gabe has a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of California, Davis, where his thesis was on statistical computing. Before becoming a consultant, he was a Scientist in the Bioinformatics Department of Genentech Research.

The R Adoption Series

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