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Elevate Your R Community with the 2024 RUGS Grant Program

By March 26, 2024Announcement, Blog

The R Consortium is rolling out its 2024 R User Groups (RUGS) Grant Program, and it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. The program, which aims to foster vibrant R communities worldwide, is in full swing, and we are eagerly awaiting your application!

Apply here!

Why Apply and… For What?

User Group Grants: Boost engagement and initiate user-focused activities.

Conference Grants: Support for R-related events, either hosting or attending.

Special Projects Grants: Kickstart innovative projects with the potential to impact the R community.

With 74 active groups and a thriving community of over 67,000 members, the RUGS network is a hub of innovation and knowledge sharing. Your participation could be the next milestone in this growth journey.

Examples of some recent R Consortium sponsored RUGS activities:

Key Information

Application Deadline: September 30th, 2024. Don’t delay!

Eligibility: Open to initiatives aimed at community building, not software development (for that, see ISC Grant Program).

Be part of shaping the future of R. Visit here for more details and to apply. Your contribution matters to the global R narrative. Apply now, and let’s grow together!

For details and to apply, visit here.