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satRdays infrastructure update – ISC Funded Project

By October 18, 2023Announcement, Blog

satRdays are R-focused conferences that are held on Saturdays. They happen all over the globe, and are organized by local R community organizers to help and grow the local community.  

The R Consortium is revamping satRdays and we are building a new satRdays website template that  enables satRday organizers easily spin up a website. Formerly, the satRdays website template was  based on Hugo, and this creates an extra hurdle for R community organizers who are novices to Hugo  seeking to spin up a website for a potential satRday event.  

The new template is based on Quarto, and the output is HTML which can be easily hosted on GitHub  Pages, Netlify, etc. The GitHub repository for this project is a template repository and therefore, a  satRday organizer can create their satRday website GitHub repository using this template. The main goal of the template is make it very easy and quick to launch a satRday website in a very  minimal number of hours. This means adding components like speakers, schedule and even customizing the countdown would be so easy as editing the related YAML files (e.g.  

The project is developing and we want to hear what the R Community thinks about this new  development, receive feedback and progress on the work. The GitHub repository for the project is here: and a preview of the template is available too: 

useR! 2024 is already using this template for the useR! 2024 conference’s website

Please we would like to get your feedback (issues, feature requests, etc) in the issues section.