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R Consortium Funding for R User Groups! Highlighting R-Ladies São Paulo

By June 12, 2023Announcement, Blog

The R Consortium has begun the disbursement of grants to help R User Groups (RUGS) around the world organize, share information, and support each other. We are currently accepting applications until September 30, 2023! 

With these grants, the R Consortium looks forward to facilitating and supporting the person-to-person exchange of knowledge in small group settings on a global scale. RUGS grants are intended to help people form enduring R user group communities. The RUGS program is supporting both virtual and in-person events.

In 2023, the three categories for RUGS Program grants:

  1. User Group Grants
  2. Conference Grants
  3. Special Project Grants

🏆 Highlighting R-Ladies São Paulo, in Brazil

Beatriz Milz, teacher at Curso R, Ph.D. Student in Environmental Science, and co-organizer of R-Ladies São Paulo, recently received a grant from the R Consortium. The grant was requested to help facilitate R-Ladies São Paulo Meetups which host 40-50 people per meeting. The Group intends to use the funds to continue to host events for locals of the São Paulo area. With the funds provided, the group has been able to offer transportation assistance for low-income participants that otherwise can’t come to the event, children caretaker per event, R Swag, snacks, and team apparel. The group hopes to continue with its momentum and offer more meetups to new and experienced R users.

In these Meetups, R-Ladies São Paulo organizes different talks and trainings including some of their most recent ones:

Upcoming event: Saturday, June 24, 2023, at 12:00 PM PT (GMT-3) / 8 AM PT

The next event will be a full-day meetup with an Introduction to R and Tidyverse. 

The slides and materials (in Portuguese) are available in:

Meetup R-Ladies São Paulo – Oficina de Introdução ao R e ao Tidyverse 

Check out the group’s Meetup, R-Ladies São Paulo 


Follow them on Social media! 





Get Involved!

The 2023 RUGS Program is currently taking applications and will close at midnight PST on September 30, 2023. 

These grants do not include support for software development or technical projects. Grants to support the R ecosystem’s technical infrastructure are awarded and administered through the ISC Grant Program which issues a call for proposals two times each year.