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The 2023 RUGS Program is awarding grants for 2023!

By April 19, 2023Announcement, Blog

The R Consortium gives grants to help R User Groups (RUGS) around the world organize, share information, and support each other. We are currently accepting applications! 

The R Consortium RUGS Program has grown from being a relatively modest R user group support program to being the primary vehicle for the R Consortium to award Social Infrastructure Grants. Social Infrastructure includes meetings, events, conferences and any other activity intended to strengthen the social, organizational, and identity structures of the R Community. 

In 2023, there will be three categories of RUGS Program grants:

  1. User Group Grants
    1. The intent of user group grants is to facilitate person-to-person exchange of R knowledge in small group settings on a global scale.
    2. Cash grants typically vary between $200 and $1,000 and depend on group size and special needs.
    3. All groups who are accepted into the RUGS program who are not already participating in the R-Ladies Professional Account program are enrolled in the RUGS program which covers dues.
  2. Conference Grants
    1. To qualify for a RUGS program conference grant, an event must be focused on the R language and offer at least one full day of technical talks and presentations and aim to attract participants with diverse backgrounds. These grants are for conferences organized by non-profit or volunteer groups.
  3. Special Project Grants
    1. With our Special Projects Grants categories, we hope to stimulate the imagination of local R community builders. 

Full details here: Please help support R language. Submit your proposals!

R User Groups

There are currently 98 R User Groups (RUGS) organizing and learning and spreading the use of R globally. These groups welcome individuals from any background, from beginner-level users to experts. 

Check out our recent blog interviews by organizers of the R User Groups across all industries:

Get Involved!

The 2023 RUGS Program is currently taking applications and will close at midnight PST on September 30, 2023. 

These grants do not include support for software development or technical projects. Grants to support the R ecosystem’s technical infrastructure are awarded and administered through the ISC Grant Program which issues a call for proposals two times each year.