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A Continental Movement: LatinR Event is Face-to-Face in Montevideo, Uruguay This Year

By September 19, 2023Announcement, Blog

LatinR 2023 is being held October 18-23, 2023, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Presentations are held in Spanish, Portuguese, or English. Register now! 

LatinR was founded in 2017, Natalia da Silva, Riva Quiroga, and Yanina Bellini Saibene are the actual chairs in the 2023 edition. 

The inaugural LatinR event kicked off in Buenos Aires, Argentina, followed by a second chapter in Santiago de Chile, Chile. These early events were more than just conferences; they were festive gatherings that celebrated the robust bonds the community had built over the years.

It wasn’t always easy. Da Silva, Quiroga, and Saibene have talked about the trials and tribulations of building such a successful and energetic R-focused conference.

The R Consortium has regularly been an enthusiastic sponsor of LatinR, and this year is no exception.

During COVID-19,  Zoom rooms replaced physical auditoriums, but the essence of shared learning and vibrant exchange persevered. But let’s face it, we’ve all missed the face-to-face interactions, the hallway conversations, and, of course, the local flavors of each host city. That’s why there’s a buzz of anticipation for this year’s event: LatinR is returning to its roots with an in-person conference on October 18-20th, 2023. Pack your bags because we’re heading to Montevideo, Uruguay!

LatinR has evolved into the cornerstone event for the R community in Latin America, a testament to what can happen when a community comes together with purpose and enthusiasm. The Montevideo edition of LatinR isn’t just another conference; it’s a homecoming, a celebration of how far we’ve come, and a toast to the exciting road ahead. So, whether you’re an R newbie or a seasoned data scientist, LatinR promises to be a confluence of minds, methods, and, most importantly, people united by a common language, both in code and culture.

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Hope to see you there!