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Webinar: R Package Management at Roche

By October 13, 2021Events

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 17, 3pm – 5pm GMT / 7am – 9am PST / 10am – 12 noon EST

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In this session we will be looking at various learnings obtained from creating a corporate R infrastructure and developing R packages to address the unique business problems presented by clinical trials.

Architecting and maintaining an R installation across a large organisation can be challenging. How do you balance between giving individual users the ability to meet their specific needs, but also provide a standardised environment which meets regulatory requirements? As R needs expand, then internal packages also get created, and these also need to be managed.

It is often useful to create custom R packages to complement the community R packages. We are developing both open and closed source packages that we validate and deploy on our R infrastructure. We will be discussing some learnings from the NEST software development team including: project management, automation, devops, testing, integration, releasing, validation, and deployment of the in-house built R packages. We will also be presenting steps we took towards simplifying the development process to enable co-creation and collaboration with internal and external developers.

Finally, we will split into break out rooms to discuss some relevant topics on how package creation and management can be dealt with effectively.

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