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Recap: R Validation Hub Community Meeting

By February 23, 2024Blog

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The recent R Validation Hub Community meeting brought together around 50 participants to explore the concept of “validation” within the R programming ecosystem. This session highlighted the diversity of validation perspectives, emphasizing the importance of tailored definitions across different roles, such as users, administrators, package developers, and regulatory agencies. Here are the key takeaways:

Key Insights:

  • Validation Perspectives: The meeting underscored the need for each organization to define “validation” in a way that suits its context, while the R Validation Hub offers a baseline for common understanding.
  • Statistical Methodology Challenges: Discussions acknowledged the challenges in achieving exact results across different programming languages due to inherent differences in statistical methodologies.
  • Open Source Contributions: The importance of returning testing code to package developers was highlighted, reinforcing the open-source ethos of collaboration and quality enhancement.
  • Resource Availability: The slides from the meeting are accessible on GitHub here. Although the meeting wasn’t recorded, the community is encouraged to join the R Validation Hub mailing list for future updates and meeting invites here.

Looking Forward:

The meeting reiterated the significance of the R Validation Hub as a central point for validation discussions and resources. Future community meetings are tentatively scheduled for May 21, August 20, and November 19, offering opportunities for further engagement and contribution to the evolving conversation around R validation.

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