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A Survey of Changes around the Tidyverse Package in R

By October 24, 2022Blog, Events

Date: Friday, 28th October, 2022 • Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm (WAT)

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Join the Osun RUG, Nigeria at their event on A Survey of Changes around the Tidyverse Package in R with special guest, Chief Scientist at RStudio, Hadley Wickham. The core tidyverse includes the packages that you’re likely to use in everyday data analyses. As of tidyverse 1.3.0, the following packages are included in the core tidyverse:

The tidyverse also includes many other packages with more specialized usage. Attend this webinar for an in-depth discussion with the man who invented the tidyverse itself … Prof. Hadley Wickham.

Speaker: Prof. Hadley Wickham

Hadley is Chief Scientist at RStudio, winner of the 2019 COPSS award, and a member of the R Foundation. He builds tools (both computational and cognitive) to make data science easier, faster, and more fun. His work includes packages for data science (like the tidyverse, which includes ggplot2, dplyr, and tidyr)and principled software development (e.g. roxygen2, testthat, and pkgdown). He is also a writer, educator, and speaker promoting the use of R for data science. Learn more on his website:

Organizers: Osun RUG, Nigeria (