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Online Event – Design and Analysis of Experiments with R Syntax

By August 15, 2022Blog, Events

The Osun R Users group in Nigeria will be hosting a two-hour Zoom class webinar on Design and Analysis of Experiments with R Syntax! 

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Dr. Ayubu Anapapa Okango with the Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science at the Murang’a University of Technology, in Murang’a, Nigeria, and Timothy A. Ogunleye, lecturer with the Department of Statistics at Osun State University, in Osogbo, Nigeria, will be hosting and facilitating the webinar.

In this seminar, the speakers will cover 

  1. One-Way ANOVA (Completely Randomized Design – CRD)
  2. Two-Way ANOVA Randomized Complete Block Designs without interactions
  3. Randomized Complete Block Designs with interactions – Factorial Experiment
  4. Post-Hoc Analysis of all these scenarios 

This webinar is aimed to help those studying R to better understand the design and analysis of experiments using R syntax as well as using R to better respond to a variety of problems that can arise.

Join Dr. Ayubu Anapapa Okango and Timothy A. Ogunleye on Aug 29, 2022 from 11am-1pm (WAT) / 1pm-3pm (EAT). Register now!