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Free webinar: Statistical Model Diagnostics and Validation Techniques using R

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Sat, April 30, 11am West Africa Time (WAT)

Organized by the OSUN R USERS GROUP, Nigeria, and coordinated by Timothy A. OGUNLEYE. Speaker Kevin O’Brien is an active contributor of the R Consortium’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Working Group. The R-Community IDEA is a top level project of the R-Consortium with the goal of broadly considering how the R Consortium can best encourage and support diversity and inclusion across a variety of events and platforms. This includes Code of Conduct development, speaker support, and connecting with the global R-User community. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, please join our monthly public meeting.

Model validation is a vital part of the statistical modeling process, but is often overlooked in statistical courses. This process allows the analyst to properly validate the assumptions underlying the model, once applied to the data.

In this presentation, we will look at residual analysis and influence measures for linear models, with some associated topics. The talk is aimed at students and early career data professionals who have already encountered conventional regression analyses, and are familiar with the model fitting process in R (i.e. the ‘’lm()’’ function).

The talk will introduce a mixture of graphical procedures, statistical measures and hypothesis tests, which the attendees are invited to learn more about beyond the talk. The talk will feature the {CAR} R package, but all of the other functionality is available in Base R or Tidyverse.

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Webinar – R Adoption Series – Scaling R at GSK

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Full video recording available here (58:52 mins)

Summary: In this presentation, Andy Nicholls, Head of Data Science within GSK Biostatistics, provided an overview of GSK’s WARP environment for Biostatistics. The presentation described the key requirements that led to building the environment and included an overview of the basic technical components that enabled these requirements. Nicholls also discussed GSK support and maintenance strategy for R and R packages.

The presentation touched upon important topics that fed into the discussion:

  • Support and maintenance strategy for R
  • Controlled execution of R (GxP workflows)
  • In-house vs cloud infrastructure


  • Intro – 10 mins
  • Case Study presentation: Scaling R at GSK – 45 mins (including 10 mins for Q&A)
  • Break – 5 mins
  • Parallel discussions – 45 mins


Andy Nicholls is Head of Data Science within GSK Biostatistics.  He has been a user and strong advocate for the use of R for over 15 years.  Andy is responsible for driving the R adoption initiative within GSK Biostatistics.  His team helped create Biostatistics’ first dedicated analytics platform for R and developed a world-wide R training programming.  The team has also led the development of several R-based tools and applications to assist the rollout and adoption of R as a clinical and non-clinical reporting capability.  Within the wider industry, Andy is the lead for the R Validation Hub, a collaboration to support the adoption of R within a biopharmaceutical regulation setting.

Andy has an MMath degree from University of Bath and MSc Statistics with Applications in Medicine from University of Southampton.  Prior to re-joining GSK in 2017 Andy was the Head of Data Science Consultancy at Mango Solutions.