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Interview with Nontsikelelo Shongwe, Co-Organizer of the Eswatini UseR Meetup Group

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On February 7th, 2021, in the very first in the Why R? World Series, Kevin O’Brien of the Why R? Foundation spoke with Nontsikelelo Shongwe, an enthusiastic R user from Eswatini, and co-organizer of the Eswatini UseR meetup group. (Eswatini is located in southeastern Africa, surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique.) 

In this interview, Nontsikelelo introduces the landscape of R users in Eswatini and describes her boundary breaking experiences as a young R user. Many thanks to Why R? for giving Nontsikelelo the chance to share her inspiring story.

You can watch the full interview below.


0:00 Brief Introduction

1:07 Eswatini

2:20 Nontsikelelo Shongwe Background

3:00 Eswatini R User Group

4:30 Future R Goals

5:18 Eswaiti R User Group Members

5:50 What do Eswaitinians need R for? 

6:43 Favorite R packages?

7:55 Do you want to go abroad to represent Eswatini?

8:50 Other African R Groups

9:20 R Ladies Eswatini?

9:40 COVID-19 in Eswatini

10:20 Last Words

The Why R? Foundation exists to support local R communities around the world, and share ideas and projects virtually. 

More Info:

Twitter: @EswataniUseR

EswatiniUseR Group

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This is a group for anyone interested in learning and sharing best practices in analyzing data in R

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