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Call for Proposals

By December 6, 2016April 21st, 2022Blog, R Consortium Project

by Hadley Wickham

The infrastructure Steering Committee (ISC) is pleased to announce that the committee is now ready to accept proposals for the first round of funding in 2017. The ISC is broadly interested in projects that will make a difference to the R community. Don’t be afraid to think big! We have the budget to fund ambitious projects and we want to fund infrastructure that can help large segments of the R community.

Infrastructure includes:

  • Ambitious technical projects (like R-hub), which require dedicated
    time to supply infrastructure that is currently missing in the R
  • Community projects (like R-ladies and SatRdays), which help catalyse
    and support the growth of the R community around the world.
  • Smaller projects to develop packages (like DBI and sf), which
    provide key infrastructure used by thousands of R programmers.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is midnight PST, Friday February 10, 2017. For the mechanics of submitting a proposal and some guidance on how to write a good proposal see the Call for Proposals Webpage. Also, if you have ideas for projects, but you’re not sure you have the skills to do them yourself, file an issue with your idea on the wish list that the R Consortium maintains on GitHub.