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The R Consortium Begins its Mission

By August 13, 2015September 29th, 2016Blog

Since the announcement of the R Consortium on June 30, the members of the Consortium have begun the mission of supporting the R project and the vast community of R users around the world. The first task was to appoint members of the Board of the R Consortium, and to that end we are pleased to announce the following board members:

JJ Allaire, RStudio

Louis Bajuk-Yorgan, Tibco

John Chambers, R Foundation

Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions

David Smith, Microsoft
We are also pleased to announce that Richard Pugh has been elected as President of the R Consortium board.

The next step is to form the Infrastructure Steering Committee, which will then select and oversee the various projects undertaken by the R Consortium on behalf of its members and the R Community. The R Consortium Board welcomes suggestions from the R Community of suitable projects pursue. We will publish a formal process for proposals soon, but in the meantime we welcome suggestions from anyone to