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A. What’s happening in the R Consortium?

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  • Each year, the R Consortium sponsors a number of R user groups, conferences featuring R, and R training sessions through grant allocations. UseR! 2022 is an example of an event we recently supported:

“I thank the R Consortium for their support for useR! 2022. The R Consortium was a gold-level sponsor and facilitated our work with the Linux Foundation events team, which were responsible for the success of the registration system, virtual event platform, and live support during the conference. I encourage future organizers to continue this work with the R Consortium and Linux Foundation to further improve the sustainability, accessibility, and value of the useR! conference series.”

Matt Shotwell, Lead UseR! 2022 Organizer

To apply, check our requirements here:

  • The R Consortium recently offered to host UseR! conference videos and recordings on its YouTube channel. Hence saving this content from disappearing. More to come!
  • SatRday website was recently taken over by the R Consortium, stay tuned!
  • Elisa Trevino taking over as R Consortium Project Manager from Linux Foundation. 

“I’m a Senior Program Coordinator with the Linux Foundation and have been working here for over a year now. I’ve been working with the open source communities for over a decade and love supporting our community efforts. I’m excited to support the R Consortium and look forward to meeting more community members in the coming months.”

— Elisa Trevino

B. Working groups updates


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Interested in RBusiness? RBusiness is looking for R users of any levels interested or already using R for accounting, auditing or actuaries! Or may be that you know someone who is just thinking about simplifying the business workflow and switching to R from Excel? Send us a message! Get connected! Number people unite! Let’s move the profession and do exciting data science!Maria Prokofieva

R Certification

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Question bank filling up!The R Certification Working group is building out the test bank of questions for the R certification process. Questions will stem from base SAS knowledge to clinical R programming, testing the skillset a mult-lingual programmer working in a clinical setting should have knowledge of.  Joseph Korszun 


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R/Medicine Virtual Conference to return in 2022 with 6+ workshops and keynotes by Frank Harrell and JJ Allaire The R/Medicine conference, now in its 5th year, promotes the development and use of R based tools to improve clinical research and practice.

In 2021, we grew by 13% with folks from over 60 countries attending. 34% were from outside of the United States and 17% identified as physicians. 

R/Medicine 2022 will run from 8/23-8/26 and will include keynotes by Frank Harrell and JJ Allaire and 6+ workshops which are included in the registration. Register here:
Stephan Kadauke

R Tables for Regulatory Submission

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The RTRS working group has settled on an approach to identify a small number of archetype tables that collectively display enough of the features required to cover a large portion of the conceptual space of tables that are essential for clinical trials regulatory work. A centerpiece of the white paper will be a table showing how various R packages cover the space of necessary features. Look here for the details: can follow progress on Github Waddell 

R Validation Hub

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Case studiesWe are now really rolling with our aim to share company case studies!  Nine case studies have been shared via presentation and panel discussion sessions, which are being recorded and made available via the R Consortium’s YouTube channel and via R Validation Hub website, currently here.  Some of these now have written versions that are currently being peer reviewed on GitHub.Andy Nicholls


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The submission working group is working on pilot 2 to FDAThe pilot 2 will be focusing on showcasing the feasibility of submitting a shiny app through the FDA esubmission gateway. More details will be provided in future communications. The working repo can be found hereNing Leng 
Recent and upcoming presentationsSDSS 2022 (June 9, 2022)
UseR 2022 (June 21, 2022)
ASA Biopharmaceutical FDA/industry biostat workshop (Sept 22, 2022) 


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Over 10K packages in rOpenSci repositories.At the June meeting of the working group, Jeroen Ooms gave an overview of the  R- Universe Platform for running CRAN-like package repositories, based on infrastructure developed for rOpenSci. This technology would likely be the foundation for any exploratory repositories developed by the working group.Joseph Rickert

For more information see the minutes of the WG meeting which contains a link to a video of the meeting and the recent rOpenSci newsletter.

R7 Package

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New working group!The R7 package is a new Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) system designed to be a successor to S3 and S4. It has been designed and implemented collaboratively by the R Consortium Object-Oriented Programming Working Group, which includes representatives from R-Core, BioConductor, RStudio/tidyverse, and the wider R community.Hadley Wickham 

C. Upcoming events

R Adoption Series “Using R in regulatory review”

Using R in Regulatory Review, Wednesday, July 13, 2022 from 11 am to 12:30 pm est

July 13th, Virtual

Register here:

Rstudio::conf 2022


July 25-28, Washington DC

A conference to connect, learn and celebrate all things R and RStudio! Sharpen your skills and celebrate the R Community together with an array of workshops and an inspiring lineup of speakers.

R/Medicine Conference 2022!


R/Medicine: 23-26 August, Virtual

Announcing R/Medicine 2022! The conference will be fully virtual from August 23 through 26 and feature two days of workshops (included with the low registration fee!) and two days of keynotes featuring JJ Allaire and Frank Harrell.

IDEA, The R Consortium working group on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility 

6 August, Virtual

The next Francophone SatRday Conference will cover Using R for Data Science and Epidemiology. Join experts Cheikh Fall, Ehouman Evans, Marie Ruth DAGO (Intro to R), and Aminata Ndiaye (R in Epidemiology) to better understand how to use applications using the R Language for data science, epidemiology, and more. The event will be held in French.

Sign up:

D. You’ve missed a recent event?

  • R Adoption Series: Reporting Table Creation In R: Meeting Specific Needs With a General Framework
    • When: 28 April
    • Summary: Gabe presented the rtables package in three contexts. First, he will briefly present the package itself and how it can be used to create reporting tables, including those suitable for regulatory submissions. He will then discuss where rtables fits in the larger process of filing-table creation within Roche. Finally, he will pivot to discussing what contributed to rtables’ success as a general framework intended to meet specific needs and what lessons those in Industry can draw from its development.
    • Recording:
  • R Conference
    • When: 8-10 June, New York & Virtually Online
    • Summary: An annual conference that gathers data scientists and data professionals, in-person and virtually, to explore, share, and inspire ideas, and to promote the growth of open source ideals. R and friends are always welcome.
    • Talk recording & recap coming soon to

We need you!

In this section, we highlight a few opportunities for getting more involved with the R Consortium. 

Help promote the R Consortium message around the globe

Participate in an R Consortium working group
 R in Business

  • (, where the working group’s goal is to promote and support the R programming environment and the R ecosystem in business practices and business research
  • Development of a community-based collaboration platform
  • Organization and sponsorship of events
  • Research on relevant topics in the intersection of business/accounting and technology
  • Development of openly available courses/tutorials
  • Development and maintenance of R packages