Welcome to RUGS 2021, the R Consortium’s R User Group and Small Conference Support Program. While we continue to believe that nothing is more effective than face-to-face meetings for people to learn about each other, learn from each other, and set and accomplish common goals, it appears as if in-person meetings will most likely not be possible for much, if not most, of 2021. Accordingly, we will not be using the three tiers of Vector, Matrix and Array criteria that have determined grant amounts in previous years.

Applications to participate in the RUGS program for 2021 closed on September 30, 2021.

General Requirements for R user group participation in the 2021 RUGS program

To participate in the RC RUGS program a user group must meet the following criteria. The group must:

  • Have R as a primary focus
  • Adhere to the code of conduct published on the R Consortium website
  • Agree to participate in the RUGS meetup.com Pro program and use their meetup.com site to announce and track meetings
  • Acknowledge the R Consortium as a sponsor and display the R Consortium logo on the group’s website
  • Agree to write at least one blog post per year about their group’s activities for possible publication on the R Consortium Blog
  • Comply with the instructions completing a W9 Form (US based groups only) or Wire Transfer form (Groups based outside of the US)

RUGS 2021 User Group Grants

R user groups grants under the RUGS 2021 program come in two parts:

  1. R user groups who are not already participating in the RUGS meetup.com Pro account will be enrolled into this program. The R Consortium will pay the group’s meetup.com fees for twelve months after acceptance into the program. Thereafter, the R Consortium will continue to pay meetup.com dues for participating groups as long as the groups remain active, continue to meet regularly, and use meetup.com to schedule and announce meetings. You do not need to re-apply if your meetup.com account remains active.
  2. R user groups will be eligible for a cash award of up to $500.


  1. R-Ladies maintains a separate meetup.com Pro account. R-Ladies groups must apply directly to R-Ladies for acceptance into their program. They will not be automatically entered into the RUGS meetup.com Pro account.
  2. The R Consortium maintains the right to terminate the RUG’s Pro program at any time. Additionally, The R Consortium has the right to terminate a group’s participation in the meetup.com Pro program for inactivity, misuse of the account, or other unacceptable behavior.

Cash grants up to a maximum of $500 will be awarded based on the intended use of the funds and the amount of money available to distribute. To apply for a RUGS grant, either for a cash grant or meetup.com account or both please fill out the form linked to at the bottom of this page. If you are applying for a cash grant please be specific as to how you intend to use the funds.

The RUGS Small Conference Support Program

By small conference we mean conferences (online or in-person) that will run for at least one full day and aim to attract at least 250 participants. Priority will be given to conferences organized by non-profit or volunteer groups. Cash grants will be limited to a maximum of $1,000.

In addition to showing evidence of significant R related content in the talks and meetings at the conference, to be eligible for support conference organizers must agree to:

  • Adhere to the R Consortium’s Code of Conduct.
  • Publish a code of conduct on the conference website along with information about how conference participants can report violations or seek help.
  • Acknowledge the R Consortium as a sponsor and display the R Consortium logo on the conference website.
  • Provide at least one full admission ticket for an R Consortium member.
  • To write a post after the conference, summarizing some key metrics for the conference (number of attendees, number of R related talks, etc.) for possible publication on the R Consortium blog.
  • Offer the R Consortium the same benefits that conference offers to other sponsors at the same level of support.


Any grant relating to a specific activity will be cancelled if (a) the activity to which it relates is cancelled without rescheduling, (b) the activity has otherwise not occurred within 365 days of the date of the grant, or (c) the applicant does not attend the activity to which the grant relates.

How to Apply to the R Consortium RUGS Program

The 2021 RUGS program accepted requests for support from January 28, through September 30, 2021.