The goal of the Infrastructure Steering Committee (ISC) is to support projects that, broadly construed, help the R community. This might be software development, developing new teaching materials, documenting best practices, promoting R to new audiences, standardising APIs or doing research.

Voting members of the consist of appointed individuals from Platinum and Gold members of the R Consortium, one individual elected to represent the Silver members of the R Consortium, and the project leads for each top level R Consortium ISC Project.

Current ISC Voting Members

  • Hadley Wickham, RStudio (Chair)
  • TBD, Microsoft
  • Stephen Kaluzny, TIBCO
  • Luke Tierney, University of Iowa
  • Frederick Reiss, IBM
  • Gábor Csárdi, R Hub Project
  • Joseph Rickart, RUGS Project
  • Gabriela de Queiroz, R Ladies Project

Sponsored Activities

Working Groups

Working Groups are designed to support shared R&D activities for determining the best path or approach for a problem domain. Examples of current working groups include API design and testing infrastructure.

To date, the ISC has sponsored six (6) working groups.

Funded Projects

For activities that well defined and scoped, yet require funding to help bring to fruition, the ISC has established a grant fund. Twice yearly the ISC awards grants for projects such as code development, workshops, infrastructure, and other projects to help sustain the R community.

To date, the ISC has funded twenty-one (21) projects. If you have a project needing funding, learn more about the grant funding process.

Top Level Projects

For community projects of importance to the R community and needing long term support by R Consortium, the project and ISC can consider the project for long term status. This gives the project guaranteed funding for 3 years, along with a voting seat on the ISC. Projects looking for this status will need to justify to the ISC why the project needs long term funding, as well as submit a 3 year plan and budget for consideration. Top level project get priority access to grant funds available.

Three projects are currently Top Level Projects: