The goal of the Infrastructure Steering Committee (the ISC) is to support projects that, broadly construed, help the R community. This might be software development, developing new teaching materials, documenting best practices, promoting R to new audiences, standardising APIs or doing research.

Current Members

  • Hadley Wickham, RStudio (Chair)
  • Andri de Vries, Microsoft
  • Stephen Kaluzny, TIBCO
  • Luke Tierney, University of Iowa
  • Frederick Reiss, IBM
  • Dirk Eddelbuettel, Ketchum Trading
  • Gábor Csárdi, R Hub Project

Three Ways To Become a Member of the ISC

  • Companies who join the R Consortium at the Platinum level may appoint one member.
  • Companies who join at the Gold and Silver membership levels get to vote in elections.
  • Individuals charged with running major projects automatically join the ISC.

Project Funding Status

Total Projects Funded: Eight

Total Working Groups Launched: Three

Learn more about the funded projects, working groups, or submit a proposal (deadline for submissions is February 10, 2017).