Projects which have been accepted for ISC grants should send an invoice to the R Consortium in a timely manner, once the agreed-upon milestones have been completed.

To invoice the R Consortium, please do the following:

  1. Create an invoice. You can use our invoice template if you need an example. If you send your own, please ensure it includes the following info (refer to your signed contract):
    1. The name of the individual or organization who received the grant
    2. The full contact information of the recipient, including email, phone, and mailing address
    3. The exact name of the funded project
    4. The funding cohort (e.g., 2020-1, etc.)
    5. A brief description of the milestone you reached (1-2 sentences are fine)
    6. The correct amount of funding awarded for that milestone
  2. Send the invoice and contract to Please remember to attach your fully signed contract, as it will help us process your payment faster.
  3. Watch for a response. The Linux Foundation may contact you for additional details, particularly if this is your first invoice. For example, we may invite you to create an account at, or require wire transfer details.

If you have any questions, please contact